Connie Lo & Laura Burget, Founders - NIU BODY

When success has no minimum age, why should #entrepreneurship have one ? Meet our young #women entrepreneurs, the founders of #NIU BODY, Connie and Laura. When did they start? What have they done? Is this their Passion? And did they believe in gaining experience prior to entering entrepreneurship? We will get you all the answers that you have been waiting for.  Watch these young entrepreneurs talk about their journey to success,  @BayStreetDiary. 

Kundan Joshi, Founder & CEO TheAppLabb

Who says experience can only be gained with age? Bay Street Diary welcomes Kundan Joshi founder & CEO #TheAppLabb, a young entrepreneur who seems to believe in putting no boundaries to his growth graph. Watch him talk about his life, vision and knowledge of #tech industry. Every great dream begins with a dreamer. All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. 

Dr. Raina Olsen, Founder Aurora Quantum Technologies

Let's watch Dr. Raina Olsen, a Quantum engineer and founder of Aurora Quantum Technologies. She has dedicated her life towards building a higher temperature Quantum phase which is not just the future of tech but will also eliminate key stability issues of #tech industry

Raman Dua, CEO - Save Max Realty Inc.

It is being rightly said that “Tough times never last, but tough people do”. 

Be ready to walk along his success trajectory. He is no one but Raman Dua a name which travelled to #Canada. He has proved himself in a short span of time but don’t we all? Yes, we do. We lack ideas, the implementation of those ideas even if we have one, a fear of getting failed and starting it all over again.

John Gillespie, Producer - Trimuse Entertainment

What would it be like to master the art of entertainment. Watch #successful entrepreneur and #producer John Gillespie talk about the insights of the movie business. Watch him disclose the secret of his success only at @BayStreetDiary.

Find yourself a mentor and get inspired to plan a great event called LIFE.

Susan Niczowski, President Summer Fresh Salads Inc.

From a small Idea to a Huge business empire, Susan Niczowski, President Summer Fresh Salads Inc., made every bit of it possible. Where most people may have thought Susan's business idea to have less potential, she was determined to make a Huge Brand. 

Susan Niczowski talk's about her journey, her vision and her success and failures. 

Hari Iyer - Executive Director of Team John Maxwell

Right things done with good intention are worth appreciation. Thank You Mr. Hari Iyer for your kind words. We at @BayStreetDiary will share the best knowledge and experience with our subscribers and audience. 

#Live your dreams. 

If you believe you can, then this is the right time to do it. The best experiences and knowledge, only at @BayStreetDiary. 

Coming soon to shape your life.

Ritesh Malik, Co-Founder - Workeefy Inc.

Ritesh Malik, Co-Founder Workeefy Inc. sharing his secrets about building a successful business. Stay Tuned for his story only on Bay Street Diary. Watch him and many more entrepreneurs talk about their life lessons and get inspired. 

Shahida Kathawala, Experienced Banking Professional

Shahida Kathawala, an experienced #banking #professional, expressing her #thoughts on Bay Street Diary. Thank you Shahida for your kind words. We at Bay Street Diary are committed to helping #entrepreneurs achieve their #dreams.

Neetu Oberoi, Co-Founder Bay Street Diary

Bay Street Diary helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. Backed with an experience of 12+ years, she has the knowledge and technical know-how of scaling businesses and achieving numbers. Watch her talk about the goals and objectives of Bay Street Diary and how she can help you turn your dreams to reality