About Us

Bay Street Diary

The difference between Failure and Success has very "little to do" - our team always had an urge to understand that little difference between success and failure, which gave birth to "Bay Street Diary". 

When innovations and entrepreneurship reaches a pivotal moment in history, tremendous ideas and products are floating around the market which is unnoticed and unutilized. 

We "Bay Street Diary" not only wanted to document their stories but also wanted to put their stories in the right table to make the best young Entrepreneur's ideas and vision noticed.

Bay Street Diary's passion is to build a strong platform for entrepreneurs and startups who deserve a success story by making their ideas and vision noticed by the right people. More than 90% of start-up die in the first year of commencement due to common mistakes of majority entrepreneurs. 

We "Bay Street Diary" aim at uncovering the "little to do" to help businesses to overcome these challenges.

Nobody starts at square one with a flawless concept. In the end, success is what comes after an endless stream of pivots, adjustments, good habits, collaborative effort, and the "little to do". Execution is everything - Business ideas are passion driven most of the time which is not intact to the actual business performance. Being passionate about your business is good however it is extremely important how we are executing by overseeing the actual challenges - which may be the "little to do" to focus on the Success of the Business. 

We "Bay Street Diary" bring on board the Moguls of different segments - Any Successful Business should have gone through different segments in fine-tuning/adjusting & a "little to do" which would have changed their game and tend toward the pinnacle of success. what is that "little to do"? - Our "Bay Street Diary" platform provide this opportunity to hear it directly from the successful Entrepreneurs, we ask them all the questions that you have wanted to know. 

We help the young Entrepreneurs/start-up to understand the right strategies, unbeatable planning & the "little to do" for thriving successful business. 

We meet top business leaders and bring their experience of failures, success, their challenges, their vision and of-course aiming at disclosing the "little to do" for you!